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#2 Everything I needed to know next was in the discomfort of now

#2 Everything I needed to know next was in the discomfort of now

On My Mind

This has been a week of self-education. Here are a few things I didn't know or fully understand a week ago.

Less than 5% of arrests made in the U.S. are for "violent crimes." This is why Campaign Zero's first policy solution to end police violence is to end "broken windows" and "stop-and-frisk" policing and "scale up the role of mental health providers, substance abuse counselors and other community-based responses to these issues that are more effective and that do not risk exposing communities to police violence." If you want to learn more about how "stop-and-frisk" started and why the way it's being implemented makes no sense, check out Malcolm Gladwell's Talking to Strangers.

Although some #DefundThePolice supporters call for complete defunding, most are calling for a large percentage of police budgets to be reallocated to housing, employment, community health, education and other vital programs. Government funding for these programs has declined while police budgets have risen.

Two-thirds of people in jail have not been convicted of any crime. 95% of recent jail population growth consists of people who have never been convicted, often because they are too poor to pay their bail. Black people are up to 50% more likely than white people to be unable to pay their bail and to be held in jail pretrial. This is part of why so many people are donating to bail funds.

"It never sat right with Breonna [Taylor] to elevate herself without bringing people up with her."

On My Screen

I'm planning to read, watch, or rewatch these over the coming month. Let me know if you're interested in a watch party or book club.

A Tarot Card

The Tower is generally read as the destruction of old beliefs that are not serving us so that new ones can emerge. It looks scary, and endings can be. But it's also a necessary step for progress. The image here comes from the Tarot de St. Croix, which ends its interpretation with this: "This destruction is necessary; the world needs changing. Look and see where the blocks lie in order to rebuild. Let the Tower fall; things will evolve."

A Question: What are you willing to give up so others can be free?

My only ask this week is to (continue to) direct your energy (protesting, donating, calling, learning) toward a world where Black lives matter.

*This newsletter's title is a quote from Untamed by Glennon Doyle.