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About the Leading By Example email

About the Leading By Example email

What is Leading By Example?

The reinvention of my old Medium publication as a podcast and email. On the podcast, I talk with founders and leaders about the personal growth they’ve experienced through their work. In the email, I share my own leadership journey. I’ve always been most interested in the emotional side of leadership, and few things have shaped who I am so strongly as co-leading the team at Job Portraits for 6 years. I’m excited to share my own experiences alongside conversations with thoughtful leaders in my orbit and beyond.

What is this leadership journey you mentioned?

I’m becoming a certified coach! (ICF ACC accreditation, specifically.) For years I’ve been hearing from friends and colleagues that they leave our conversations with more clarity and confidence. Through my own soul-searching, I’ve realized that helping people connect with their inner wisdom and potential is deeply satisfying for me. Plus, after four years in Pathwise Leadership Development and 10 years of relationship with 7Directions Dance Ceremony, I’ve personally experienced the transformation possible when a person or group illuminates your path to self-discovery.

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What will I get if I subscribe?

  • An email when I publish a new podcast, including my favorite takeaways from the conversation.
  • Short emails on weeks when I don’t have a new podcast to share—my goal is for them to never take more than 4 minutes to read. They’ll include:
  • On my mind: Something I’ve been pondering or learning that I think you might also enjoy learning or pondering.
  • On my [nightstand / speakers / screen]: Interesting books, podcasts, videos, and frameworks that I’m finding helpful.
  • A Tarot card: To me, Tarot provides beautiful visual metaphors that help us access our instinctive wisdom and reshape the stories we tell ourselves. I'm no master, but I pull cards frequently so I’ll share one that’s resonating with me.
  • A provocative question: One of the things I love about coaching is that asking “powerful questions” is a key competency. This will help me practice, while hopefully pointing you down some interesting paths—I welcome your responses!
  • An occasional ask: Things like sharing this email to people you think would enjoy it or referring potential coaching clients.