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Podcast #7: Chris Murphy – President, Zoomforth

Podcast #7: Chris Murphy – President, Zoomforth
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Chris Murphy is the President of Zoomforth, a company he founded and led as CEO for 6.5 years before stepping back to his current advisory role. Zoomforth is an enterprise software company that helps customers easily design beautiful websites—like Squarespace, but for professional communications.

After stepping back from his CEO role at Zoomforth, Chris moved to Mexico City and spent the better part of the year learning Spanish, salsa dancing, and the drums. He’s currently the Director of Strategic Planning for Borde Político, a nonprofit dedicated to strengthening democracy in Mexico through the use of information technologies, citizen engagement, and policy advocacy.

I met Chris years ago when Zoomforth’s main customers were recruiting teams. Through mutual clients and business interests, we became friends who found we also had mutual interests in intentional communities, Latin America, and—eventually—finding a way to step back from our leadership positions.

I’m currently working with the Job Portraits team to decrease the company’s reliance on me so I can pursue new passions—especially leadership coaching—so I found Chris’s perspective on his role shift incredibly helpful. I hope our conversation also provides helpful insights to anyone struggling to lead a wide variety of people and roles—hint: context matters.

Here are some of my favorite moments

"Having a big vision is one way to persuade without being skilled at persuading." –7:23

"How do you build narratives that are both ambitious and risky, but that don't sacrifice your credibility as a leader, [when you don't] hit that super ambitious goal?" –18:50

"Perhaps the grandest example of leadership failure due to that particular dynamic might be the failing of Cuba." –29:03

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