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About the Leading by Example podcast

About the Leading by Example podcast

Hey. Miki here.

Can a company grow if its leaders can’t? Leading by Example is a podcast about how leaders change—personally, interpersonally, and emotionally—as their companies scale and new, unfamiliar challenges arise.

I've experienced these changes as a leader myself, and I’ve watched many other leaders do the same. When a founder embraces personal growth, I've seen them gain trust, build stronger teams, and reach new business heights. But I’ve also seen the opposite, where leaders can’t adapt (or refuse to). Their teams suffer; their customers suffer; and they suffer, often losing the opportunity to lead the companies they've built.

With Leading by Example, my goal is to get under the surface with my guests. This is not another podcast about business strategy and “crushing it.” Instead, I want to know what it feels like to grow with a company. Not the financial highs and lows, but the emotional ones—and how my guests’ journeys changed them both personally and professionally.

These are topics I find fascinating but seldom discussed elsewhere, so in some ways I'm just having the conversations I want to have anyway and I'm happy to share them with you. I hope they help you see leadership in a new light—and see a different kind of leader in yourself.

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