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Podcast #5: Jen Dennard – Cofounder, Range

Podcast #5: Jen Dennard – Cofounder, Range
Listen on Anchor or in your favorite podcast app: iTunes, Spotify, Google.

Jen Dennard is a cofounder of Range, an online tool that helps teams stay in sync, focus on what matters, and get more done—capabilities that are increasingly important as our work simultaneously becomes more remote and more agile.

When I first met Jen several years ago, she was at Medium. As the second member of their People Ops team, she led a wide range of projects, including implementing the company’s Tech Inclusion Pledge, coaching leaders, running management training, and transitioning from holacracy to an internal organizational system.

As women founders of companies that aspire to help teams work better together, Jen and I have always had a lot to talk about. In this conversation, we dug into the stories we learn from society and end up telling ourselves—often to our own detriment. Especially the stories about what it means to be a leader and a founder. As Jen is learning and living every day, finding a way to balance her work and personal needs not only helps preserve her from burnout, it also sets an important example for the rest of her team.

Here are some of my favorite moments

"I now use resentment towards others as a signal that I need to take a break." –13:15

"One of the things I try to role-model as a leader is that work doesn't have to be the number one thing in your life." –22:20

"[There's] this fear that if you take away the drive of 'I need to do stuff all the time,' maybe I'll find out I'm just lazy." –28:50

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