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Podcast #3: Margaret Schoelwer – Managing Director, Accenture

Podcast #3: Margaret Schoelwer –  Managing Director, Accenture
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Margaret Schoelwer is a Managing Director at Accenture. In this role, she helps hyper-growth companies solve their most pressing barriers to growth, often by building and running multi-million-dollar partnerships with influential tech companies.

I met Margaret at Northwestern University, where we both went for undergrad. Our sophomore and junior years, we lived in a house with 6 other women (many of whom we’re still friends with) and then senior year the two of us lived in an apartment together. We stayed friends and did another stint as roommates in 2011 when Jackson and I crashed in Margaret’s spare room in Chicago, where we moved to build our first company.

Eventually Margaret and I both ended up back in the Bay Area, and our conversations have increasingly focused on our ideas of work and leadership as we have both moved into leadership roles where we also support other leaders at our client companies.

Although our work experiences have been very different, in this conversation we found a lot of common ground on the importance of learning to regulate strong emotions so they don’t have a negative impact on your team, while we recognized that our tendency to feel deeply can be a superpower that helps us build trusting relationships and connect with our drive and passion.

Here are some of my favorite moments

"It really crystalized for me that a big part of what I need to do as a leader is just to set the right tone and be able to let people operate at their best." – 8:38

"Perfection was expected, so the only feedback was only ever negative because you could never do better than what was expected." – 16:30

"You can't care personally and care deeply if you don't feel deeply." – 22:15

"I have learned that caring for people and leading people also means that I need and want to have people care for me and lead for me." – 24:17

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