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Podcast #4: Matvey Farber – Mechanical Engineering Manager, Applied Materials

Podcast #4: Matvey Farber – Mechanical Engineering Manager, Applied Materials
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Matvey Farber is a mechanical engineering manager in the Robotics Center of Excellence at Applied Materials. I think that means his team makes the robots that make the computer chips in most of our electronic devices.

Matvey and I went to college together and when he and his family moved to the Bay Area several years ago, Jackson and I loved visiting them for dinner and long conversations. During one of those visits, we talked about the challenges Matvey was facing as a new manager, and I suggested he check out Pathwise Leadership Coaching, which Jackson and I have been part of for years.

In this episode, Matvey talks about the realization every good leader eventually makes: that other people have radically different needs, motivations, and experiences of the world. We also discuss the difference between building robots and building teams, and how to empower more leaders by leading yourself first.

Here are some of my favorite moments

"The next day he calls me and says, Hey, Matvey, that was the best one-on-one I've had ever had with any manager." – 10:20

"There was something pretty magical about just working on a piece of hardware that doesn't talk to you ... but there is something even more magical when you can get at team to work together." – 16:20

"On good days, my level of emotion will rally people and they get excited with me ... on a negative day, I'm going to freak everybody out." – 26:20

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