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Podcast #6: Lissa Minkin, VP, People & Workplace, Tile

Podcast #6: Lissa Minkin, VP, People & Workplace, Tile
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Lissa Minkin is VP, People and Workplace at Tile. Tile’s Bluetooth enabled devices, as well as a rapidly expanding global network, platform partnerships, and subscription services, ensure everything that matters can be found.

Lissa’s 25-years in HR and People functions include stints as VP of People at Addepar, as Director of Human Resources at eBay and then Facebook, and as an HR Business Partner at Time Warner and CNET.

Throughout these formative experiences, some things about Lissa have remained constant: her kindness and candor, her commitment to her values, her focus on helping her team learn and grow. And, as you’ll learn from our conversation, in other ways she’s changed and evolved like any good leader: she’s learned to trust herself, to hold stronger boundaries, and to look for executive partners who truly live the company’s values.

Here are some of my favorite moments

"It's really important for every leader to really understand themselves." –6:58

"If you have an issue with someone, talk to them—don't talk behind their back, don't go over their head." –24:00

"I have been in that situation before where I tried very hard over a number of years to influence a leader and realized that it was just not going to happen." –31:40

"Companies that are willing to invest in coaches for their leaders, that says to me that the company cares about me." –35:40

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