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Podcast #8: Jill Macri – Founding Partner, Growth By Design Talent

Podcast #8: Jill Macri – Founding Partner, Growth By Design Talent
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Jill Macri is a founding partner at Growth By Design Talent, a recruiting strategy and services firm that specializes in helping companies achieve growth with quality. Previously, she was the Director of Global Recruiting for Airbnb, where she helped the company grow from 150 to more than 4,000 employees in just over five years.

For Jill, successfully leading at such a rapidly scaling company required her to scale herself just as effectively. Cultivating relationships with mentors and coaches was key to that process, as was soliciting and acting on a near-continuous stream of feedback.

Throughout it all, she also fell back on her “duck-like” ability to be all calm and confident above the water while paddling furiously below the surface. She shared the unexpected source of that particular skill in our conversation, along with insights about training new leaders to align with company values and how to be authentic with your team—without freaking them out—when you don’t have all the answers.

Here are a few of my favorite moments

"I was 27 years old an a lot of people who came on these trips were CEOs, doctors, surgeons ... and you had to learn how to guide the group throughout a week." –5:37

"It's the ability to operate with imperfect information—it's like the duck just choosing a direction and sailing confidently that way while still figuring things out." –9:20

"Getting used to craving feedback ... is something that helped me as I had to scale myself at AirBnB at this incredible velocity." –13:25

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