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Work with me

Work with me

In 2014 I cofounded Job Portraits, a content studio that helps companies communicate and strengthen their cultures. Day-to-day I focus on building relationships with potential clients and collaborators. I'm also starting to coach startup founders and leaders to help them access the creativity and conviction needed to succeed in today's VUCA world. Details below.

Create human-centered content to engage high-value audiences

With: Job Portraits' creative studio

At Job Portraits we specialize in long-form writing that targets small, high-value audiences—like job candidates, current employees, and B2B sales prospects.

Most of our clients are tech startups, VCs, and B2B companies in STEM industries. We typically collaborate with a range of teams, including Comms, Talent, Engineering, Sales, and Marketing, and we're equally comfortable working with executives as folks on the front lines.

Our approach is simple: We source the content we create through conversations with stakeholders and research with the target audience. The end product feels intimate, relatable, and trustworthy—because it is—and it always serves a purpose: with every project we define clear business goals in advance.

If this kind of work would be valuable to you, I'm always happy to chat. Email me at and we can set up a quick call.

Get clear. Get creative. Get sh*t done.

With: personalized coaching

Coaching helps high-performers reach new heights by strengthening creative and critical thinking skills. My coaching work starts from a deep trust in my clients' wisdom and potential; my role is to create the right conditions to help inherent strengths rise to the surface. Simultaneously, I help clients define SMART goals and design specific actions to achieve them, with our sessions providing consistent accountability and support.

I have been coaching and mentoring informally for years, and I am currently gathering the hours needed for the International Coaching Federation's ACC coaching credential. Please contact me at to schedule a free informational call if you'd like to learn more.